Weekly Update

Catonsville Farmers Market
5820 Edmondson Avenue at The Christian Temple

Happy New Year!

Winter hours: 10:30 to 12:30

Winter market dates:
January 23,
February 06 and 20,
March 06 and 20,
April 03 and 17,
& Opening day May 01!

  • Blades Orchards is attending a grower buyer meeting this week. They will be back with us in February with apples, fresh pressed cider and Eve’s creamy, delicious cheeses. 
  • Glenville Hollow will have Brussels sprouts, broccoli, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, spinach and possibly white and red cabbage. For the duration of the winter season Cindy will have black walnuts, popcorn and jams and jellies.
  • Great Shoals Winery will have a few still and carbonated ciders, dry white wines, a couple of their wonderful dry red wines, perfect for winter sipping. They will also have 3 sparkling wines – Sailors Delight,  Indigo, and Barbera Celebration in time for Valentine’s Day.
  • In Kerry’s Kitchen will have two nutrient-rich, comfort food soups this week, they are: Curried Sweet Potato Soup with Quinoa, Fire Roasted Tomatoes and Spinach and a Creamy Coconut Vegetable Soup with Sweet Potatoes, Wild Rice, Pearl Couscous with Tandoori Spice. Dip this week is Herb CheeseKerry will hold containers of soups or dips for you; simply respond to this email.
  • King Mushrooms will be selling their popular and tasty variety of mushrooms. David King talks with Washington Post reporter, Becky Krystal about how to cook mushrooms in this article.
  • Kite Hill will have plenty of their savory meats and delicious eggs. 
  • Lisa’s Love will have little Apple Ginger Crisp.
    Cookies this week are: The Mayer’s Munch (flourless and dairy free), Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Golden Toffee
    and Snickerdoodles. 
  • Gerrit (Little Paris) is galavanting about in another country and will be back for our next market date in January. By then you will surely be in need of turnovers, sweet pastries, assorted savory breads and authentic French baguettes.

In Case You Did Not Know:

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  • If you wish to thank someone for a kind gesture you can give the gift of market tokens. Fill a handcrafted carrot refrigerator magnet with as many tokens as you would like to gift.
  • We recycle egg cartons, pulp baskets, wine, cider and simple syrup bottles, as well as containers from soups and dips.
  • Don’t have cash? We’ve got you covered, we accept debit cards in exchange for as many market tokens as you need.
  • Be sure to ask Kerry about the bring a friend campaign, for a chance to win $25.00 in market tokens!
  • As always you can share us on Instagram and Facebook; we love photos!