Weekly Update

Wednesday, March 18th
10:30 am to 12:30 pm

STOP By for your FARM FRESH local ingredients 

The market WILL BE OPEN on Wednesday and we will be as safe as possible, sanitize as needed and wear gloves.  If sick please do not come to market and have a neighbor pickup what you need.  Please follow the safe distance guidelines and do not cluster at stands.  It is a great opportunity to get fresh produce in an open environment.

Our Seasonal Vendors will be featuring:

  • Andy’s Egg and Poultry will  have a selection of chicken, turkey, pork and of course farm fresh eggs!
  • Blades Orchards will be have apples, cider, and Eve’s Cheese.
  • Glenville Hollow Farms will have spinach and other nutritious greens-kale, collards and mustard, turnips,  white potatoes, homemade jelly and don’t forget the popcorn great snack for the family with many being at home!
  • King Mushrooms has a variety of mushrooms and mushroom soup.
  • Lisa’s Love will be baking up the following:  Lots of The Mayer’s Munch (flourless & dairy free), Rosemary Shortbread, Brown Sugar Shortbread, Chocolate Covered Espresso Bean Shortbread, Triple Chocolate Salty Caramel and Ginger Pecan Blondies  Little Paris will have his  savory and sweet breads and pastries.
  • Little Paris will have his  savory and sweet breads and pastries

Guest Vendor- Whistle Stop will have the following wines:
Smoke Stack Pinot Noir
Cargo Car Chardonnay
Steam Engine Raspberry Peach Sangria
Tender Peach
Steam Whistle Watermelon
Choo Choo Strawberry Sensation


ALSO:  Starting with our summer season, May 6th, we will be changing our hours to 8am to 12pmTell your neighbors and friends to plan their day around a stop at the market for great local produce, meats and desserts for the week.  Put a cooler in your car and make a quick stop on your way to work or dropping off your children at school or daycare. One can grab a healthy item for their lunch or their favorite snack for a party or game.

In Case You Did Not Know:

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  • We recycle egg cartons and pulp baskets.
  • We accept FMNP, SFMNP and SNAP.
  • Don’t have cash? We’ve got you covered, we accept debit cards in exchange for as many market tokens as you need.
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